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The idea for Medina started back in 1962 when Arthur Franke met James Martin at the Frontier Cafe in Hondo Texas and they planned to make some of Mr. Martin's catalyst that stimulated microbes to use on Mr. Franke's farmland. His farmland had become so compacted that his Farmall H Tractor could no longer plow his fields. After the harvest, and Arthur's farmland yields were larger, and his soil was soft under his feet, the Medina Company was created and incorporated. This catalyst or Medina Soil Activator would late expand in to a whole line of organic products for farming and gardening. Today we offer a complete line of products for both large scale and small home use in your very own backyard.

About Their Products
Plant Productivity is directly related to the activity and level of the microorganisms in the soil. Without the army of microbes, the soil will soon become hard and compacted; water and oxygen will not readily absorbed; the plant will be poorly fed; soon weeds and disease will take residence and rob the plant of its good health. Microbes, the invisible caretakers of all crops, are the key to healthy, profitable plant production. Biological activity is the life of the soil. Microorganisms are like an army of workers in the soil, feeding the plant, protecting it from disease and maintaining the health and structure of the soil. The ability of the soil to support and sustain plant life is in direct proportion to the abundance and vigor of microorganisms.

Over 150 years ago, Justus Von Liebig, know as the architect of chemical fertilizers, discovered that plant productivity increased when chemical compounds of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium were added to the soil. The original intent of chemical fertilizers was only to supplement the soil's basic organic matter.

Medina products increase the performance and the quantity of microbes that convert nutrients into food for the plant. It loosens and mellows compacted soils. And it allows more water and oxygen to penetrate the soil. Microbes are "nature soil managers". Without and adequate level of microbes in the soil, disease and weeds and can overtake otherwise healthy gardens and flower beds. Compaction and erosion will occur. Eventually the soil will lose it's ability to support useful plant life, no matter how much fertilizer or organic matter is applied. As microorganisms digest plant residues, they secrete polysaccharides. These compounds have the unique ability to both bind and release soil particles in order to maintain the proper soil structure. Polydaccharides help make soil more stable, better "balanced" - preventing soil particles from compacting and helping to reduce soil erosion. 
Medina products will help reduce compaction, make nutrients more available to the soil, balance pH, increase water retention and help ward off weeds and plant diseases. 
Medina Soil Activator
The original biological activator for the soil, called "Yogurt for the soil" by natural gardening experts since it stimulates beneficial organisms in the soil. You'll notice a healthier, stronger root system because it actually loosens and balances the soil. It's excellent for revitalizing tired, overworked lawns and gardens. Medina Soil Activator can be used with most fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, or in conjunction with natural soil building practices. It is excellent for compost piles, and derived from a complex bio - catalyst process. It's also fortified with essential micro-nutrients. It stimulates, strengthens and multiplies the soils indigenous microbes and bacteria. 

*Converts nutrients into use able food for the plant
*Balances the soil micro flora
*Balances soil pH
*Balances soil structure
*​Reduces salt accumulations
*Reduces chemical buildups
*Promotes growth
*Reduces soil compaction

Use a hose on sprayer. If the sprayer has an adjustment, set for 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces per gallon. Fill the container with undiluted Medina Soil Activator. One quart should cover 1,000 square feet until 1 quart is used. Use 3 to 4 times a year.

For small areas and flower pots, mix 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces in a gallon of water and apply with a sprinkling can. Use 3 to 4 times a year.

To speed up composting process, use 1 cup of Medina Soil Activator to each yard of compost. Mix this with enough water to keep the pile moist but not saturated. Repeat monthly. 

Medina Plus
Its fortified with essential micro - nutrients and growth hormones from seaweed extract. You still get all of the natural soil building advantages, while extra ingredients make it an excellent foliar feeds for plants, trees, shrubs and lawns. We also recommend it for transplanting and compost piles. A combination Medina Soil Activator plus over 40 trace elements, cytockinin (natural growth hormones from seaweed extract), magnesium, iron, zinc, PABA (para - aminobenzoic) acid, riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, nicotinic acid and all essential trace elements. It is ideal for foliar application to fruit trees and vegetables. Provides all the benefits of Medina Soil Activator plus.

*Promotes fruit set
*Increases blooming leaf growth
*Recommended for transplanting
*Recommended for seed treatment

Medina Plus is available in a ready to use form, simply connect hose to top and open valve. For use with a hose on sprayer with adjustment: set for 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces per gallon. Fill the container with undiluted Medina Plus. One quart should cover 1,000 square feet until 1 quart is used. Do not water in; leave the spray on the foliage for one day.

For small areas and flower pots, mix 6 tablespoons or 3 ounces in a gallon of water and apply to the foliage with a pump sprayer or with a water can. Repeat ever 2 weeks as needed during fruiting and flowering season.

To increase the root growth and reduce transplant shock, new plants can be watered in with a mixture of diluted Medina Plus. Mix 1 ounce of Medina Plus per gallon of water and pour slowly to wet all of the loose soil around the new plant.

HastaGro Plant Food 6 - 12- 6
Three products in one: Contains high - quality N - P - K plant food complexed with Humic and Fulvic acids, Medina Soil Activator to stimulate fruiting and blooming. It is ideal for foliar applications where natures are absorbed directly by the plant. Low salt, low chemical formulation prevents leaf burn. Nitrogen is derived from clean urea sources and is complexed with humic acid.

*Gentle formulation for foliar application
*Prevents sat and chemical buildup
*Builds biological activity in the soil
*Promotes fruiting and blooming
*Excellent for transplanting

HastaGro is available in a Ready to use container, just connect hose to top and open valve. If using a hose on sprayer with adjustments, set for 1 tablespoon or 1/2 ounce per gallon. Fill the container with undiluted HastaGro. Spray until leaves start to drip. Best time of day is mornings and evenings when its not hot. Do not wash the spray off the foliage. One quart should cover 10,000 square feet. You can repeat every 2 weeks during growing season. With a pump up sprayer or watering can, mix 1/2 ounce with 1 gallon of water; spray above.

For flower beds and flower pots mix 1 oz per gallon of water and apply with a watering can. Thoroughly water the soil around the plant. Repeat every 3 - 4 weeks during growing season.

To increase root growth and reduce transplant shock, new plants, can be watered in with a mixture of diluted HastaGro. Mix 1 ounce per gallon of water and pour slowly to wet all the loose soil around the new plant.
Medina Growin Green is an Organic Fertilizer for all your gardening needs. It is derived from Pasteurized Poultry Manure, Kelp Meal, Humate, Mo lases, and Greensand. Grown Green will green up your lawn quickly and is pasteurized for stability and odor reduction. Growin Green is slowly released from natural sources for continuous feeding and continues the growth response through all the seasons. The Ammonium source is quickly available for noticeable results. Calcium helps improve the cell structure of plants. Growin Green also helps breakdown thatch biologically when grass clippings are not picked up. It produces three stages of activity including balanced nutrient  supply, structure repair through soil supplementation, and nutrient availability. Good for your lawn, flowers, trees, vegetable garden, ornamental, or potted plants.   

*40 lb bag covers 3,333 square feet
*Neutral pH
*Low salt index
*Contains low amounts of silicate

Apply at a rate of 12 lbs per 1000 sq ft. A fertilizer spreader is the easiest to distribute in large areas and ensures even coverage. Growin Green feeds slow and steady for uniform growth, one application lasts 3 to 4 months. It can be applied during the spring, summer and fall.

If mixing Growin Green into potting mix before planting, use at a rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon of potting mix. Thereafter, use 1 tablespoon of Growin Green as maintance every other month.

Apply at a rate of 30 pounds per 1000 sq. feet every other month for maintance

Apply at a rate of 15 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. at planting time and prior to budding out.

Apply at a rate of 2 ounces per bush

HASTA GRO LAWN 12 - 4 - 8
Hasta Gro 12-4-8 Liquid Lawn Food is like getting a lawn care kit in a bottle. With this convenient ready mix formulation, just attach a garden hose to the container to treat an average lawn in 10 minutes. HastaGro Lawn Food contains a blend of quality, natural lawn food supplements plus Medina Soil Activator and Humate Liquid Humas. It's great for a quick lawn green up since the nutrients are absorbed by the leaves within minutes. Avoid the messes and chemical hazards of harsh fertilizers. Give your lawn a Hasta Gro your lawn a Hasta Gro Lawn Food treatment. Quart covers 4,000 sq ft of surface.

*Fast, efficient absorption
*More vigorous lawns from spring to fall
*Stimulates natural soil organisms
*Complete nutrient uptake for less fertilizer waste

With grass clippings left on, treat 4 times per growing season. With grass clippings removed, treat each month during growing season.

Treat every month during growing season.

Humate Humic Acid
Humate liquid humus is like concentrated compost in a bottle, it contains both humic and fulvic acids. Humic acid is a basic product for natural gardening enthusiasts who want to build the quality and structure of the soil without chemical fertilizers. Our humus comes from deep below the ground's surface, where plant matter has been "composted" for hundreds or thousands of years. HuMate liquid humus helps the natural plant to soil relationships, increases fertilizer uptake, and chelates trace minerals. It is a key product for high production soils, and contains most of the biological compounds synthesized by plants and organisms. It also supplies essential humic material for improved soil structure formation.

*Improves moisture retention
*Enhances nitrogen and nutrient release
*Provides micro and macro nutrients 
*Improves soil physical properties 
*Holds exchangeable plant nutrients

Mix 3 tablespoons per gallon of water. Pour around plants and water into soil. Repeat every 3 - 4 weeks during growing season.

Use 1 tablespoon per quart of water. Apply to soil each month.

Use 1 pint per 1000 square feet. Apply with water to soak into soil.

When planting, mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Place root ball in hole and pour solution. Replace soil, apply solution again, and water thoroughly. Use 2 tablespoons HuMate per 1 inch diameter of tree, mix with water, thoroughly soak root area.

Soak planting seeds in 1 tablespoon per gallon of water or until seed skin is penetrated, plant immediately.
Medina Orange Oil is 98% cold pressed orange peel and 2% emulsifier. It contains the raw oil collected from the citrus peel during juice extraction. No heat is applied during this "cold pressed" process thereby preserving the integrity of the oil. Orange oil has been  discovered to be an important ingredient in a variety of household and gardening applications. It may be used to deter certain insects including fire ants. 

Mix 2 ounces per gallon of water. Apply during the cooler part of the day to prevent burning of plant foliage.

Mix 4 ounces per gallon of water.

Mix 2 ounces per gallon of water. Diluted solution may be used as a natural household cleaner. Test on a small area before use. For cleaning tar, heavy grease, paint brushes, and sealants you can use higher concentrations.
Compost Starter is a natural biological activator for use with compost piles and solid organic wastes. Compost Starter contains specific bacterial and fungal cultures that are needed to inoculate a new compost pile. It ensures a faster startup time and a more complete digestion of organic waste. Compost Starter contains specific bacterial and fungal cultures that are needed to inoculate a new compost pile. It ensures a faster startup time and a more complete design of organic waste.

*100% natural
*Environmentally safe
*Faster startup time of compost piles 

Mix 1 oz Compost Starter with water (amount of water is not critical) and spray evenly over each 250 lbs. of material to be composted. 

Mix or agitate material after application.
Molasses provides a natural food source for the indigenous microbial population in the soil. It is recommended for all types of plants, crops and turf. Molasses is compatible with most natural biological soil simulators.

Use 3 to 12 ounces per 1000 sq. ft. This application can be repeated every 2 weeks as needed.

Shake well and mix 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) per gallon of water to use as a soil stimulant.